A Poem by Presious Mills

The man of God had a dream.
One that would ring from the depths of his heart.
The black man had a dream; the white man had a dream.
And, Grandma had a dream. She was Black too.
But what is your dream?

Photo: Cotton Bros Studio

The man or woman with the loud voice often carries a quiet spirit.
The man or woman with confidence speaks the word of God so everyone can hear it.
Your likeliness to succeed depends on whether or not you believe
you have a dream. But will you just listen?
Even the blind man will open his ears to many voices of wisdom.

So, take some time to explore your beauty that we know is deep down inside of you.
It is your gifts that will take you many places; there is no limit to what you can do.
Just dream. Be you, without being a competitor.
Being humble will always hold fast to your character.

You are the man or woman with a plan.
The Black man or woman with the plan.
Dreamers accept that most days they will sit alone,
stand alone, kneel alone, praise God alone.

Go to the Most High alone. And then their brothers and sisters will beg to go with them
when they realize they definitely have character.
That man or woman with the plan is definitely a man or woman of faith.
That man or woman of faith is definitely someone with a dream.
But do you have a dream?