By Kellie Morris (Ohio Secretary of the State press release 1/6/2023)

It is very important to be engaged in polls and surveys in order for your voice to be heard. Speaking up in community meetings, making one phone call, or writing letters or an email could make a difference when legislation is being considered. New Ohio voter laws will go into effect on April 8. The deadline to register to vote in the May primary elections is April 3.

In January, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed HB 458, legislation to strengthen Ohio’s elections by requiring stricter photo ID for voting, among other actions.

You will ONLY be permitted to vote if you have a driver’s license, state identification card, passport, or military identification card. Utility bills will no longer be accepted at the polls as proof of residence. You still have to register to vote 30 days before an election. The deadline for the May Primary elections is April 3, but other changes have been made including:

  • Eliminates early voting on the Monday before Election Day.
  • Eliminates August special elections.
  • Shortens the deadline to apply to cast absent voters’ ballots by mail.

Read more information about HB 458 here.

The Governor takes his actions based on his constituent’s response.

NPR/PBS Newshour/Marist: 79% of voters believe government-issued photo ID should be required, including majorities of Democrats (57%), Republicans, Independents, whites, and nonwhites.

Pew: 76% of voters, including 61% of Democrats, favor “requiring all voters to show government-issued photo identification to vote.”

CNN (opens in a new window): 64% of voters, including 65% of minority voters, 69% of Independents, and 65% of moderates believe requiring photo ID would make elections fairer.

Honest Elections Project (opens in a new window): 77% of voters, including Republicans (92%), Independents (75%), and Democrats (63%), support requiring voter ID 64% of Black voters, 77% of Hispanics, and 76% of low-income voters reject the notion that presenting a form of ID at the ballot box is a “burden.”

Monmouth University: 4 in 5 Americans (80%) support requiring voters to show photo ID.

Grinnell College: 56% of voters oppose eliminating state laws that require photo ID.

Fox News (opens in a new window): 77% of voters believe a state or federally-issued photo ID should be required.

Rasmussen: 75% of voters say showing a photo ID is necessary for a “fair and secure election process,” while 85% of voters said it is “common sense” to require a photo ID.

*This information is published on the Ohio Secretary of the State Website. LAROSE RELEASES STATEMENT ON THE SIGNING OF HB 458

Be engaged in the political process to create effective positive change. Make your vote and your voice count.

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